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namespace Apps\TodoList\Controller;

class AddController extends \Phpfox_Component
     public function process()
        // Get phpFox core template service
        $template = $this->template();

        // set view title
        $template->setTitle(_p('Add To Do'));

        // set view breadcrumb
        $template->setBreadCrumb(_p('Add To Do'),

        // add your section menus
        $template->buildSectionMenu('to-do-list', [
            'Browse' => $this->url()->makeUrl('/to-do-list'),
            'Create' => $this->url()->makeUrl('/to-do-list/add'),

Look in to pasted code, you use _p function many times, what exactly _p does?

_p is a shortcut to call Translation translation service, which translate a phrase id
to the language which had been selected by current logged in user. _p gives a flexible, robust way allows developers/admins/translators to modify messages
translation on the fly.