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New Features / Improvements


Item Description

1Installation process now asks to reenter first-time Admin password to prevent mistyping2A notification will appear if you trying to clear the locked cache using Support to confirm the Admin password on Installation
2When clearing cache with the convenient left menu in AdminCP, redirect to Cache Manager if the cached files are locked.
3Support Mass action on multiple items is implemented when deleting Items on Ban Filters
4A notification will appear if you havenShow notice if Admin hasn't saved on changed settings in AdminCP
5Support to add theme name using alphanumeric characters
6Show tagged users of a feed item on popup tagged users when clicking on other links"Other" link on feed
7Update the Welcome message is updated immediately after changes in AdminCP without cache clearing
8Show actual statistic exact statistical info on the detail page of an item
9Re-position search box in Member app to the header of the page
10Support to show blocks on landing the Landing page
11Improve layout in Notifications page
12Improve language in several phrasesphrases


Support responsive layout in AdminCP
14Support to report all feed items when an app supports Report function
15Support user to add custom Gender (This gender is used by the user only)
16Support to tag friends when sharing photos and videos on feed

Bug Fixes


Bug Fixes

1Cronjob URL no longer generates the wrong linkis missing a slash.
2Apps can't be uninstalled even they are disabled


Uploaded Favicon can be isn't applied immediately without the need to clear cache
4Check-in shows doesn't show up properly when editing a status
5Site Statistic no longer loads duplicated stats
6Fix missing Missing texts of Main Content of theme Homepage if the text contains special characters
7Correct the The layout of Terms & Conditions on Register popup in Bootstrap template is broken.
8Fix unable Unable to get title and description for videos when adding video using URL
9Fix broken Broken layout when re-share sharing a feed with attachment link
10Fix broken Broken layout in Video app when there is a long category name

New Features




AdminCP is responsive
2Support report all feed items when app supports Report function
3Support user to add custom Gender (This gender is used by the user only)
4Support tag friends when sharing photos and videos on feed