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  • ChatPlus app is installed on your phpFox site. It provides front-end functionalities of Chatplus on the web version, APIs for mobile apps and communicates with Chatplus server. This app can be installed and upgraded within AdminCP as other apps on phpFox Store.
  • ChatPlus server is to process and store all chat/ discussions. It is necessary to note that video call processing is always an intensive-CPU task. To avoid a significant impact on performance on web and mobile apps when having too many video calls, the ChatPlus server should be installed on the different server on which the phpFox site is installed on. You can refer to the ChatPlus setup guide.

Main Features List

  1. Advanced Instant Messaging features:
    1. Support Private Chat (between 2 users) or Group Chat (with many users). In the case of Group chat, users can join private groups (which require invitations) or public groups.
    2. Sharing Photos, Videos, GIFs, Files, Emojis and Stickers on chat/discussion
    3. Support send voice messages (on mobile apps only)
    4. Adding reactions to messages
  2. Call Features: There are 02 follow:
    1. Support both audio and video calls.
    2. Users can make Direction Call (02 members) and Conference Meetings (in Chat Group)

    1. Direction Call
    2. Wake-up/RingTone/Vibrate mobile device when a user has a new call
    3. When users accept/reject/end a call invitation, the invitation will be removed at the other end.
    4. A new invitation call message will be sent which allow users quick access to accept, reject.
    5. When a call is ended, the call message is updated to report about call status. Add quick action "Call Again" at the bottom of the message.
    6. Conference Meeting:
      1. Wake-up/RingTone/Vibrate mobile device when members have new Conference
      2. When users accept/reject/end a call invitation
      3. A new invitation call message will be sent, quick action "Join Meeting" is available at the bottom of the message.
      4. When a call is ended?: There are no web-hook at this time.
  3. Back-End: support many general settings and user group settings for AdminCP to configure ChatPlus. All settings will be synced to the ChatPlus server.
    1. Channel Settings Manage Permissions area is to allow admin to configure if members could create a channel (chat group), a broadcast channel or , a read-only channel as well as others.
    2. Video ChatSettings
      1. Configure and secure Chatplus and VoIP servers
      2. Enable Video/Audio Chat
      3. Enable Video/Audio Chat for the channel (chat group) 
    3. Privacy settings for chat:
      1. Friend Only: Users can chat with their friends
      2. Public Mode: Users can chat with all members
    4. Configuration for push notification on mobile apps:
      1. Firebase/APN to push notification to Mobile device