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Once you have uploaded all the files/folders. You need to grant full read/write access (usually 0777) to the following 2 folders:

  • PF.Base/
  • PF.Site/


Note: Once you have completed the install you can return the permissions for the folder PF.Base back to what it originally was set to.Do not check "Recurse into subdirectories"


System Requirements

Now, you will need to open the browser with your domain (For example http://domainsite.comto start the installation script. In the first step, the system will check all the requirements in order to run the script. You can see check (√) signs when if passed and (X) if your system doesn't meet the requirements.


You should grant permissions of files and folders to "web webserver user" account as below:

  • 2 following folders have permission 777:
    • PF.Base/file
    • PF.Site/flavors
  • Other folders have permission 755 
  • All files have permission 644 

Note: "web webserver user" is a user account on server which can run web or PHP command. It In Linux system, this user is usually nginx user or apache user or apache or www-data.

Having Issues?

You can also find the issues and the solutions in our Trouble Shooting list.