You are using phpFox version earlier than 4.8.0? Please refer instruction for this article here.

Ban Filters can be an important part of site and user management. It can help keep spammers, stalkers, uncontrollable users from accessing and disrupting your site. This deals with the Ban Filters and how to manage those.

In the AdminCP, select Maintenance then click Ban Filters


  1. Select specific option to Ban
  2. Click the one you want to add a ban filter for. If you have some already, you'll see a list of banned things. If you don't have any, you'll see a box on the right to add a ban filter. For this example, we'll use a spammer IP address with wildcard filter to show you how to do that too.
  3. You can use Search Filter to find the IP address you want to ban or use Add Filter to enter IP manually.
  4. Toggle to enable/disable