This tutorial will guide you step by step to enable push notifications for new messages on phpFox Mobile apps


- Mobile API 4.2.1 or newer

Configure Firebase Send ID 


  1. Go to AdminCP > Apps > Installed > Mobile API > Settings

  2. Configure Firebase Sender ID setting with the server Sender Id of your Firebase project. You can get the sender id by going to Firebase App console, then go to Project Settings > Cloud Messaging

In case IM server set up on your self hosting


  1. Add Firebase Server Id setting into AdminCP > Mobile Api > Settings.
  2. Open ssh and go to Apps/core-im/server, run npm install to update dependencies.
  3. Edit Apps/core-im/server/config.js file and add new config
firebase: {serverKey: "", senderId: ""}

4. Restart index.js with the command: 

forever restartall