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You may want to set the Redirect after a user joins or logs into your site. For example, new users tend to have a hard time finding the privacy settings and don't always see the tutorials you might have made. You can set a redirect after signup to the privacy page. We'll use that as our example for this tutorial.

Redirect After Signup

  • In Settings, under User settings choose Registration

  • Scroll down to the Redirect After SignUp and put your URL user/privacy if you want to redirect to the user privacy. 

  • Clear your cache and test. You should see that you go to the user/privacy page if you try signing up, once the sign up is completed.

Redirect After Login

To redirect users after they login:

  • In Settings, under User settings choose Settings

  • Scroll down to URL Redirect After Login and enter the URL. For our example, we show redirecting to the invite page, encouraging users to invite their friends:

  • Test the site by logging in.


Please note to clear cache any time you make any changes.





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