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In order to receive payments on your site (for subscriptions, ads, sponsor blocks, e-gifts, etc) it is necessary to set up a payment gateway for your site. By default, phpFox offers PayPal as a payment gateway.

This assumes you are already logged in as the Admin user and are logged into the AdminCP.

  • Click Settings >> Payment Gateways.

  • Click on the drop-down option at the left of the gateway, and select "Edit Gateway Settings". 
  • A popup form will come up to fill in as you want. This example shows Paypal.
  1. Name of the Gateway as you want to display it.
  2. A description that your users will see.
  3. Active: Set to Yes to activate this or No to deactivate it.
  4. Test Mode: Set to Yes to test the gateway (by purchasing stuff in the front end to see how the payments are working). Set to No to have it a live gateway.
  5. PayPal Email: Where you want payments for things like subscriptions, ads, etc to go.
  6. Click Update to finish setting up.



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