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Debug Configurations

phpFox debug mode contains robust stack trace, SQL profiling, memory usage, time spend report tools, It's helpful for developers who want to
inspect how long their scripts run and what cause errors.

When developing apps its important to do this with our internal debug mode enabled. This will output any errors or warnings, which will make it easier on clients and for us to check if you plan on publishing your app in our Store. Additionally many aspects of the script is cached, when debug mode is enabled it disables these caches to make it easier to see the changes we make to our apps live.

In order to enable debug mode, create file PF.Base/file/settings/debug.sett.php, then put content


// define debug mode

// option 1: don't show sql profiling
// option 2: show time spend, memory usage report for current request.
// option 3: show sql profiling, time spend and memory usage report for current request.
define('PHPFOX_DEBUG_LEVEL', 1);
// end

In order to disable debug mode, just rename/delete the file.

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