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Integrating Feed, Like, Comment, Share Service

What is Feed ?

In phpFox, a feed item is a story about an actor performs an action in which members can like, comment, share, ...

Example feed about admin post a status

An activity stream is a list of activities performed by a relevant actors, on phpFox system there are 2 kind of activity stream

  • Stream Feeds: Showing activities performed by current logged in user, his/her friends and related pages, groups, ...
  • Profile Feeds: Showing activities performed by or target to a profile, when member visit a particular profile pages (user, pages,..).

Integrating Feed Service

phpFox store feed data in table phpfox_feed, look in to table information, there are following important columns:

  • feed_id: feed identity, auto increment
  • privacy: the visibility of feed, the value of privacy is convention value, we will discuss about this later.
  • type_id: type of feed
  • user_id: who performed feed
  • parent_user_id: target of feed
  • item_id: if feed is target to pages, groups, this value contains id of object
  • time_stamp: creation time
  • feed_reference: where is feed is shared
  • parent_feed_id: where is parent feed
  • parent_module_id: f feed is target to pages, groups, this value contains type of object
  • time_update: last modification time
  • content: feed content
  • total_view: total view of feed.

When a member post a new to do item, we must add a new feed with associate data

  • privacy: 0
  • type_id: 'todo'
  • user_id: current logged in user id
  • item_id: 0
  • time_stamp: current time
  • time_update: current time
  • feed_reference: 0
  • parent_feed_id: 0
  • parent_module_id: 0

We do not insert the value directly in to database, almost case, developer using Feed service to handle insert process.

Phpfox::getService('feed.process')->add('todo', $iTaskId, 0,0);

Let's update AddController.php, modify code as following


namespace Apps\TodoList\Controller;

class AddController extends \Phpfox_Component
    public function process()
        // Get phpFox core template service
        $template = $this->template();

        // set view title
        $template->setTitle('Add To Do');

        // set view breadcrumb
        $template->setBreadCrumb('Add To Do',

        // add your section menus
        $template->buildSectionMenu('to-do-list', [
            'Browse' => $this->url()->makeUrl('/to-do-list'),
            'Create' => $this->url()->makeUrl('/to-do-list/add'),

        // get current requests
        $request = $this->request();

        // get request data
        $vals = $request->get('val');

        if (!empty($vals)) {
            // validate
            if (empty($vals['name'])) {
                \Phpfox_Error::set(_p('To do name is required'));

            if (empty($vals['description'])) {
                \Phpfox_Error::set(_p('Do do description is required'));

            if (\Phpfox_Error::isPassed()) {
                // insert to do item database
                $iItemId  = \Phpfox::getLib('database')->insert(\Phpfox::getT('todolist_task'),[
                    'user_id'=> \Phpfox::getUserId(), // get current user id
                    'name'=> $vals['name'],
                    'time_stamp'=>time(),  // creatation time
                    'time_update'=>time(), // last modification time
                    'privacy'=>0, // public
                    'task_status'=>0, // mark task is in-complete

                // insert new feed
               \Phpfox::getService('feed.process')->add('todo', $iItemId, 0,0);


Visit '+ Add To Do', add new item, visit phpfox_feed, table you see a new entry with type_id is 'todo'.

phpFox Feed service will handle how to fetch feed items from database, but it's does not know detail information about feed,
so it will interact to others using a Callback service, in phpFox almost app have at least one callback service.

Define a callback service is simple, just add new class Callback under Service directory, past following code


namespace Apps\TodoList\Service;

class Callback extends \Phpfox_Service


Then register callback service to start.php

// register service
    'todo.browse'   => Service\Browse::class,
    'todo'          => Service\TodoList::class,
    'todo.callback' => Service\Callback::class,

Now we will add getActivityFeed() to the Callback,


namespace Apps\TodoList\Service;

use Phpfox;

class Callback extends \Phpfox_Service
    public function getActivityFeed($aRow, $aCallback = null, $isChild = false)
        $aItem =  \Phpfox::getService('todo')->getForBrowse($aRow['item_id']);

        $aReturn =  array_merge(array(
            'feed_title' => $aItem['name'],
            'privacy' => $aItem['privacy'],
            'feed_info' => _p('post_new_to_do'),
            'feed_link' => Phpfox::permalink('to-do-list.view', $aItem['task_id'], $aItem['name']),
            'feed_content' => $aItem['name'],
            'total_comment' => $aItem['total_comment'],
            'feed_total_like' => $aItem['total_like'],
            'feed_is_liked' => isset($aRow['is_liked']) ? $aRow['is_liked'] : false,
            'feed_icon' => '',
            'time_stamp' => $aRow['time_stamp'],
            'enable_like' => true,
            'comment_type_id' => 'todo',
            'like_type_id' => 'todo',
            'custom_data_cache' => $aRow
        ), $aRow);

        return $aReturn;

Click on phpFox home page, you see the first feed result

Later, you can be able to change the layout of your feed.

Integrating Like Service

Continue with Callback Service, update code


namespace Apps\TodoList\Service;

use Phpfox;

class Callback extends \Phpfox_Service
    // this method return required information to show a feed item on stream
    public function getActivityFeed($aRow, $aCallback = null, $isChild = false)

        $aItem = \Phpfox::getService('todo')

        $isLiked = false;

            $isLiked = $this->database()
                ->select('l.like_id AS is_liked')
                ->from(Phpfox::getT('todolist_task'), 'b')
                ->leftJoin(Phpfox::getT('like'), 'l', 'l.type_id = \'todo\' AND l.item_id = b.task_id AND l.user_id = ' . Phpfox::getUserId())

        $aReturn = array_merge([
            'feed_title'        => $aItem['name'],
            'privacy'           => $aItem['privacy'],
            'feed_info'         => _p('post_new_to_do'),
            'feed_link'         => Phpfox::permalink('to-do-list.view',
                $aItem['task_id'], $aItem['name']),
            'feed_content'      => $aItem['name'],
            'total_comment'     => $aItem['total_comment'],
            'feed_total_like'   => $aItem['total_like'],
            'feed_is_liked'     => $isLiked,
            'feed_icon'         => '',
            'time_stamp'        => $aRow['time_stamp'],
            'enable_like'       => true,
            'comment_type_id'   => 'todo',
            'like_type_id'      => 'todo',
            'custom_data_cache' => $aRow,
        ], $aRow);

        return $aReturn;

    public function addLike($iItemId)
            'type_id = \'todo\' AND item_id = ' . (int)$iItemId . '',
            'total_like', 'todolist_task', 'task_id = ' . (int)$iItemId);

Visit Homepage again, you can like the posted to do as the attachment:

Add Comment Service

Continue edit Callback service, add 3 methods

    // update total comment count
    public function addComment($aVals)
            ->updateCounter('todolist_task', 'total_comment', 'task_id',

    // Comment callback required
    public function getAjaxCommentVar()

    // Comment callback required
    public function getCommentItem($iId)

        $aRow = Phpfox::getService('todo')

        $aRow['comment_item_id'] = $iId;
        $aRow['comment_user_id'] = Phpfox::getUserId();
        $aRow['comment_view_id'] = 0;
        if (empty($aRow)) {
            return false;

        return $aRow;

    // update total comment count
    public function deleteComment($iId)
        $data = ['total_comment' => ['= total_comment -', 1]];
        $table = Phpfox::getT('todolist_task');
        $this->database()->update($table, $data, 'task_id = ' . (int)$iId);

Visit Home page again, you can post some comments on to do item as the attachment:

Integrating Share Service

Continue edit Callback service, add following empty method

    // share service required callback method
    public function canShareItemOnFeed(){

Visit Home page again, click on share button on to do list item, put some line then submit, the result

if you want to modify you feed layout, visit below chapter:

Next Chapter

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