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Getting Started

phpFox is a powerful social networking platform,
designed for developers who need a simple and elegant platform to create full-featured social network either community.

Before you start proceeding with this document,
we make an assumption that you are familiar with HTML and Advance PHP 5 and have installed phpFox 4.5+. Some part of this document is not
compatible with older phpFox version.

This document guide developers how to developing high performance, scalable App, using phpFox database library, using phpFox services: Likes, Comments, Shares, ...

, exporting App to install on others phpFox site or publish to phpFox store.

As a developer, first view after getting a phpFox installed, take a look into phpFox directory structure.

phpFox directory structure


PF.Base, as you may expect, this directory contains all phpFox core library classes and bootstrap scripts, its separate in some child directory, help directory more clean


This directory contains application storage, like file uploads etc. Platform storage (cache), and application-generated logs


This directory contains phpFox core libraries


This directory contains installation scripts, you might never discover this directory.


This directory contains less scripts. In order building a flexible theme system, phpFox does not writing css directly, it write a lots of variable and
configuration then a build-in compiler that compile all less code in to single one bundle css file.


This directory contains core phpFox apps.


This directory contains raw assets such as the images, css, javascript, ...


This directory contain template scripts


This directory contains developers tools


This directory contains composer dependencies


PF.Site contains phpFox phpFox app, theme writing by new phpFox 4 structure


This directory contains apps, each app source code is located under a sub-folder, when phpFox administrators install a new app, it will be located there too.
by fresh phpFox installed, there are a few phpFox app under this directory.


This directory contains phpFox themes, each theme source code is located under a sub-folder, when phpFox admin install a new theme, it will be there too.
by fresh phpFox install, there is only bootstrap theme under this directory.


This directory contains new phpFox libraries.


This is entry point script, it define constants, bootstrap libraries, resource, and process the input.

What's Next?

This article describe phpFox directory structure, its simple and clean. In several next chapters you will learn how to create phpFox app tutorial.

Next Chapter

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