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The best way to fetching items with varieties of criteria is using service:

Put simply, a service is any PHP object that performs some sorts of "global" task. It's a purposefully-generic name used in computer science to describe an object that's created for a specific purpose (e.g. delivering emails). Each service is used throughout your application whenever you need the specific functionality it provides. You don't have to do anything special to make a service: simply write a PHP class with some code that accomplishes a specific task. Congratulations, you've just created a service!

IndexController will listing to do items using Search, Browse and Pager Service.

  • Search: Generate search bar
  • Browse: Control how to query database
  • Pager: Control paginator

Register Browse Service

Create a class Browse under Service directory. then paste following code.


namespace Apps\TodoList\Service;

class Browse extends \Phpfox_Service
    public function __construct()
        $this->_sTable = \Phpfox::getT('todolist_task');

    public function query()


    public function getQueryJoins($bIsCount = false, $bNoQueryFriend = false)


Edit start.php, register a new service

// register service
    'todo.browse'=> Service\Browse::class,

Add Search Form and Paginator

Update IndexController, paste following code


namespace Apps\TodoList\Controller;

use Phpfox;
use Phpfox_Pager;

//controllers must be a child of \Phpfox_Component class.

class IndexController extends \Phpfox_Component
    public function process()
        // Get phpFox core template service
        $template = $this->template();

        // set view title
        $template->setTitle('To Do List');

        // set view breadcrumb
        $template->setBreadCrumb('To Do List',

        // add your section menus
        $template->buildSectionMenu('to-do-list', [
            'Browse' => $this->url()->makeUrl('/to-do-list'),
            'Create' => $this->url()->makeUrl('/to-do-list/add'),

        $template->menu('Add To Do', $this->url()->makeUrl('/to-do-list/add'));

        // set is in profile
        $bIsProfile = false;

        // Configure search form
        $search = $this->search();

        // get current view
        $sView = $this->request()->get('view');

        // form action
        $sFormAction = $this->url()->makeUrl('to-do-list', ['view' => $sView]);

            'type'           => 'todo',
            'field'          => 'todo.task_id',
            'ignore_blocked' => true,
            'search_tool'    => [
                'table_alias' => 'todo',
                'search'      => [
                    'action'        => $sFormAction,
                    'default_value' => '',
                    'name'          => 'search',
                    'field'         => [''],
                'sort'        => [
                    'latest'     => ['todo.time_stamp', _p('Latest')],
                    'most-liked' => ['todo.total_like', _p('Most Liked')],
                'show'        => [10, 20, 30],

        // Configure search service
        $aBrowseParams = [
            'module_id' => 'todo',
            'alias'     => 'todo',
            'field'     => 'task_id',
            'table'     => Phpfox::getT('todolist_task')

        $cnt = $search->browse()->getCount();
        $aItems = $search->browse()->getRows();

        // register pager service
            'page'  => $search->getPage(),
            'size'  => $search->getDisplay(),
            'count' => $search->browse()->getCount(),

        // assign variables to template
                'iCnt'         => $cnt,
                'aItems'       => $aItems,
                'sSearchBlock' => _p('search to do'),
                'bIsProfile'   => $bIsProfile,
                'sTaskStatus'  => $this->request()->get('status'),
                'sView'        => $sView,

Edit index.html.php, paste following code.

{if !count($aItems)}
    {if !PHPFOX_IS_AJAX}
    <div class="extra_info">
        {_p var='no_to_to_list_item_found'}
    {if !PHPFOX_IS_AJAX}
    <div class="item-collections item-collections-2">

    {foreach from=$aItems name=aItem item=aItem}
        <a href="{ permalink module='to-do-list.view' id=$aItem.task_id title=$ }"><h4>{$}</h4></a>
            { if $aItem.task_status >0 }complete{else}in-complete{/if}
    {if !PHPFOX_IS_AJAX}

Clear cache and visit to do list home page again, you see the tool bar at top. It is necessary to note that you need to clear cache whenever having changes in template files

The view listing current user to do list using simple grid view, Each to do item has detail view located at
/to-do-list/view/:id/:name, the next chapter will show you how to implement detail view of each task.
Next Chapter

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