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When creating or editing products on phpFox Store, developer can configure webhook URL in order for phpFox Store to transfer data after having purchases or installation.

Here is the sample call request when having a new purchase:

  "client_id": "abc123",         // license key
  "endpoint": "", // license url
  "client": {
    "email": "",  // user email
    "full_name": "John Doe",
    "first_name": "John",
    "last_name": "Doe"
  "invoice": {
    "id": "123456",          // order id
    "paid": "20",            // actual pay
    "time_stamp": "1528081828",
    "paypal": {
      "id": "tx123",         // transaction id
      "name": "John Doe",
      "paid_to": "",  // receiver PayPal email
      "paid_from": ""   // sender PayPal email
  "product": {
    "id": "123",                  // product id
    "name": "My App"             // product name
    "type": "Application",       // product type Application, Theme, Language Pack, Package
    "paid": "20"                // product price

If you sell a product in our store you can define webhooks, which get executed when a product of yours gets installed or uninstalled. To define these webhooks log into our store. Manage one of your products and click on Webhooks.

When a product has been installed or uninstalled by a client we send POST data, which include the following example 

    [client_id] => 895a20081f9b4bd525a45dae693f07fa 
    [endpoint] => 
    [client] => Array 
            [email] =>
            [first_name] => Raymond 
            [last_name] => Benc 

    [product] => Array 
            [id] => 1226 
            [paid] => 18 

    [auth] => Array 
            [id] => 454ddc73ae7e1fef2efc7fa7056d75f5 
            [key] => 89f91f85ace75d1e5a314433e8e09b68 

client_idstringThis is the unique client ID.
endpointstringURL to the clients site.
clientarrayClients details, which include their email, first & last name.
productarrayIncludes what product the client installed and how much they paid (If free, it will be 0).
autharrayThis is the public and private key for your app, which you can identify as a valid webhook coming from our servers.
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