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1. Phrases System

From version 4.5, there are some important changes in phpFox Phrases System:

  • Function Phpfox::getPhrase is deprecated now and will be removed completely in version 4.6.0.
  • Some update for function _p.
  • Requiring define phrases for the apps (get more detail at here).

2. Apps Configuration

From phpFox version 4.5, all configuration of an app will be defined in the file install.php instead of app.json like before (< 4.5), However, the apps with old way configuration (.json file) still works properly on 4.5:

  • You still can fresh install the apps with old way configuration (.json file) on phpFox 4.5.
  • If a site has installed the old-way-configuration apps already and then upgrade to version 4.5.0, those apps still work normally.

But we recommend you to update your apps with new way configuration (use file install.php), the new way is more security than the old and you can use more extra functions we support in 4.5 and further. Detail instructions you can find here.

3. Plugins/Hooks

IdPlugin nameStatusDescription
1friend.service_request_process_add_endnewPlugin called when getting user friend requests.
2notification.service_process_add_endnewPlugin called when getting user notifications

The full list is on process for updating at here.

4. Javascript Events

IdEvent nameStatusDescription
1on_page_column_init_endnewTrigger after initializing columns of page completed.
2on_page_load_init_endnewTrigger at the end of function call "$Core.loadInit()".

5.Removed functions


IDFile pathfunctionDescription
1PF.Base/module/core/include/service/redirect/redirect.class.phpcheckdon't use anymore


The full list is on process for updating at here.


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