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Remove prefix "phpFox" from the Core Apps

Change App Directory

From 4.5.1, we rename all directory of the core apps, namely:

  • PHPfox_Core becomes core
  • PHPfox_AmazonS3 becomes core-amazon-s3
  • PHPfox_CDN becomes core-cdn
  • PHPfox_CDN_Service becomes core-cdn-service
  • PHPfox_Facebook becomes core-facebook
  • PHPfox_Flavors becomes core-flavors
  • PHPfox_Groups becomes core-groups
  • PHPfox_IM becomes core-im
  • PHPfox_reCAPTCHA becomes core-recaptcha
  • PHPfox_Twemoji_Awesome becomes core-twemoji-awesome
  • PHPfox_Videos becomes core-videos

Change html class name, html id of Core Blocks

From 4.5.1, we also remove "phpfox" in html class name and id of all core blocks

For example: html id of Groups Category block

// before 4.5.1
// before 4.5.1
Support configure Name of App Directory

Before 4.5.1, the app dir name must same as the app id, but from now you can use a difference name for app directory. You can do that easily by declaring property _apps_dir.

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