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"Announcement" in phpFox is a short functional text that contains some information of facts, such as promotions, events, updates, or intentions, that are presented in public or specific users set by the admins. It supports multi-language and can be shown on the homepage of your website.



  • This app is currently compatible with phpFox 4.6.0 or later

Product Information

Feature List

Home Page

  • Show all available announcements that appropriated with the current viewer.
  • Support slider for displaying multi announcements.
  • Viewer can view detail an announcement.
  • Viewer can remove the announcement (mark as read).


Admins have full control on announcements:

  • Create as many announcements as the site need
  • Each announcement can be active / de-active anytime
  • Each announcement has its own start time, user groups and target users
  • Each announcement has multilingual support, which allows admin to create it in every language package you have installed.
  • Supported styles for each announcement: info, danger, warning, success.

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