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You are using phpFox version earlier than 4.6.0? Please refer instruction for this article here.

Promotions are a great way to either reward users for being active on the site, or they can even be used as a spam deterrent. 

This tutorial assumes you are already logged in as the Admin user and are logged into the AdminCP and that you have made user groups use for the promotions.

  • Before creating promotions, you need to enable the setting at AdminCP >> Members >> Manage Settings and scroll down and enable "Check for promotions". This will check for a promotion when a user logs in.
  • Once that setting is saved, go back to the main AdminCP menus and under Members, click Promotions.
  • Click Create Promotion.

  • Choose each of the following things to set up the promotion:
  1. Choose which user group to move from.
  2. If doing this by points, put how many points are needed before the user is promoted.
  3. If doing this by a number of days registered, choose how many days are needed before the user is promoted. 
  4. Select the condition required to meet by the user to be promoted.
  5. The user will be moved to this Usergroup when promoted.
  6. Submit when done.