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Registration & login with mobile phone number extension simplifies your user’s registration. This eliminates the need for email, thereby allowing the user sign up with their phone number. This tutorial will show you how to enable registration with phone number for your site.


This feature is currently compatible with phpFox version 4.8.2 afterward.

1.Turn on this feature in AdminCP:

  • Go to Admin CP > Settings > Registration Settings> Turn on the setting [Enable Registration using Phone Number

2. Register SMS service

  • Now you are required to register an account for SMS service from an SMS provider to get the AIP key. Currently, phpFox supports the below 3 providers, you can choose a provider of your choice:




3. Configure SMS service

Once you’re done with the SMS registration, go back to Admin CP > Settings > Registration Settings > Choose the SMS service provider that you just registered > Input your AIP Key and all related information. We took Nexmo service as an example in the below picture. Don’t forget to save changes once you're done. 

Still on the Registration Settings page, you can also turn on the setting " Enable Registration using SMS Service". Enable this setting to allow users to receive verification code via SMS.

Once the configuration is completed, the signup page from the user front-end will look like this:

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