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How to let people know and invite them to the party that you host? How to let people know about something new you just invented? Events app is the answer to these questions. With Events app, you can create your own event by specifying time and venue of the event, along with images and event description. You can send invites to certain people or just leave it open for public so anyone can join in it. For the invited people, they have a choice to deny, consider or attend the event. All the events are well organized into categories and easily referenced using search and filters.



  • This app is currently compatible with phpFox 4.6.0 or later.

Product Information

  • Version: 4.6.0

Feature List: 

1 . All Listings

- Contain all events which the viewer has permission to view

- Each event has title, user who host event, start/end day & time, location, statistics of views and like

- Owner can perform some actions on event as edit / delete / invite user / manage invite / manage guest list / feature

- Moderators can perform some actions on event as edit / delete / feature

- Moderators can use mass actions to feature / un-feature / delete some selected items

- Category list and Featured Events block

- Can search listing by keyword or filter listing in some criteria

2 . My Events

- Contain events created by this user

- User can see his / her total listings in main menu section

3. Friends' Events

- Contains listing created by this user's friend

4. Event I'm Attending

- Contains all events that this user specified to attend

- User can enter event and adjust the availability.

5. Event I May Attend

- Contains all events that this user specified to maybe attend

- User can enter event and adjust the availability.

6. Add new Event

- Specify event name, category, description, start time/ end time, location/venue, banner photo and event privacy.

- Able to upload multiple photos in item listing (Define in User group setting)

- Send invite to friends or via email with custom personal message

- See the status of each invitation: Who you haven't invited, who you invited and who visited your listing.

- See the list of people you invited in manage invite

7. Event Details:

- Contain info of event host, view number of events, availability option (Attending, Maybe Attend, Not Attending), venue/location of the event (With Google map illustration), Start time/End time, Banner photo, List of users for each availability, and category of the event.

- User can share the event, like or comment (and view others' comments) on the event.

- Suggestion Events block will show suggestions events which related or similar to current event.

8. Manage Category (Back-end setting)

- View full list of categories with its sub-categories

- Allow to edit details of each category

9. Settings (Back-end setting)

- Setup pagination style, time for short event, format of timestamp.

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