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phpFox Trial will give you 14 days to try our latest version, to experience fully all the phpFox features including AdminCP.


  • phpFox Trial is NOT an official release, phpFox Trial should NOT be used on any official website, but as a test only. This means you should purchase a license to use on your live site from the beginning.
  • phpFox Trial does not come with any support plan and you make use of our documentation for help.
  • phpFox is NOT responsible for any issues happening on the Trial version.


  • Follow the registration steps after clicking on "TRY FOR FREE" button on homepage

  •   Check out 

  • Fill in the Registration Form, kindly make sure that your personal information is accurate:

  • Setup Trial and Open support ticket.
  1. Setup Trial

       In order for you to have the best experience on our Script, once the order has been completed, we will help you set up your trial site on our server. Our team will handle all deployment work. You can simply focus on experiencing phpFox features on both the front end and backend.

      Or you can refer to this article for our instruction to install the Trial site: Installing and Upgrading the phpFox Trial

      2. Open a support ticket

      During the trial time, if you have any questions or need any support from our end, you can open a support ticket in our client area: , then our team will reach out to you shortly.

  • We'll review and accept the request within 1 working day. You will receive a Notification Email when it's accepted.
  • Once accepted, please read the tutorial for Downloading the phpFox Trial package.


  • phpFox has all rights reserved to deny your "Trial" request with no explanation.
  • A Trial will be provided ONLY ONE per account.
  • All Trial requests are verified and approved manually.
  • The verification process might take 1-2 business days. So please be patient.