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OBS Studio (formerly Open Broadcaster Software or OBS, for short) is a free and open source software for video recording and live streaming and in this walk-through we'll introduce you about how to setup and go live with OBS.

In order to start Livestreaming on the website with OBS. First of all, you need to install a streaming software into your desktop/personal computer. There is a lot of free Streaming software on the internet, however, you can search for "OBS Studio", then download and install it in your desktop/PC. You can also refer this link: to download OBS Studio.

After successfully installing Streaming software (OBS studio) into your desktop/PC, then from your  phpFox website>Press Go live to get Stream Key + 

Next, from OBS>Settings>Stream> paste Stream Key + Server URL>Press Start Streaming from OBS.

After that, please go back to phpFox site and wait for the connection between the broadcast software and your phpFox site, then click "Go Live" button to start streaming.

Note: This guideline is applied for livestreaming by using OBS Studio, for other software, you can configure similar.

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