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Adding forums to your website is a great way to get more user interaction and increase community engagement on your website. This article provides you with steps to make a forum where your user can create content and interact with each other. Let’s get started.

From Admin CP> Apps> Forum> Manage forum> clicking on Add forum will come to pop up below:

1. To create a main parent forum, just fill in the following element:

  • Name
  • Short description 
  • Hit submit

For the purpose of this tutorial, we created a main Parent forum "Travel"

2. To create a sub-forum of a parent forum

 Again click on Add forum, but this time in the Parent Forum field, select a forum that you want this sub-forum to be inherited. We selected Travel as an example of a parent forum.

On the Manage forum page, you can see Asia created as a sub-forum of Travel.

Based on your ideas, keep doing the same steps to create multiple main Forums and their sub-forums

Okay, now we know how to make a main Forum and child forums. It’s time to add some toptic to your Forum by creating Threads. From user front end> Forum> click on a category you want to add content. On the next page, click on the green button to create new thread.

Next, it takes you to the page editor as shown in the below screenshot.

Title:  give your thread a name or topic discussion you prefer

Content: provide content for your discussion topic in the text editor

Type: You can also set different thread types

  • Thread: normal
  • Sticky: the thread will stay at the top no matter how much new threads have been added
  • Sponsor:

Closed: The status of any thread you create can be open and closed. A closed thread means anybody can see the post topic but they can’t post a new reply to it.

After all, click update to finish. 

3. Manage forum:

In the Manage Forum tab, you can click on the name of a parent/child forum to do the management of forums. 

By clicking on the name the pop up comes with the following options: 

  • Edit Forum: edit the Forum details such as Name, Description, status...
  • View Forum: view the Forum from the front-end.
  • Add Child Forum: create a child Forum 
  • Manage Moderators: assign moderators who can edit and make changes for the forum.
  • Manage Permission: Select a user group to assign special permissions for this specific forum.
  • Delete Forums: remove the forums that are no longer needed. 

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