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What if your users want to have a private chat with their friends in your community? Understand that need, we provide the IM Chat for you to allow your users to send individual messages, attach external links, share emoji to other users.



  • This app is currently compatible with phpFox 4.6.0 or later.

Product Information

Feature List


  • Click on message icon to open the Messenger popup
  • Can search friends in the friend list to start the conversation
  • Auto-suggestion while searching friends. Limit 100 conversations to show in Messenger popup as default
  • Can resize the Messenger popup
  • Can open the Messenger in new tab
  • Notification for a new message:
    • At top notification, if user does not open Messenger popup
    • At the corresponding conversation if the popup is being opened
  • Move the latest conversation on top
  • In one conversation
    • Can search content from all messages
    • Can temporary hide the conversation
    • Can turn on / off the notification so that this user does not receive notification for new messages of this conversation
    • Can resize the chatting box
    • Can attach files as gif, jpeg, png, jpg and zip into message
    • Can use emoticon on message
    • Can attach a link to message
    • Can delete a message sent by this user
    • Allow unlimited characters in text message
    • Use Shift + Enter or Ctrl + Enter to add new line on chatting box
    • Apply ban filters for message content

Setting - Back End

  • Configure the Node JS server
  • Configure total latest conversation in IM list
  • Configure how long user can still delete their own message

Manage Notification Sound

  • Configure the notification sound for the new message. Admin can upload new sound file to replace the default one

Import Data From V3

  • This allow admin to import all messages from V3 to the new site

Instant Messaging

  • Admin can purchase the hosting packages which price is $5/month for 50 active users to rent IM server from phpFox

Installation Guide

Please follow below steps to install new phpfox IM app:

  • Give 777 permission for folder PF.Site/Apps/core-im/.
  • Install the IM app from the store.
  • Give 775 permission for files in folder PF.Site/Apps/core-imassets/sounds/.
sudo chmod -R 775 core-im/assets/sounds/
  • Follow the instruction here to set up chat server.
  • Clear cache on your site

Congratulation! You have completed the installation process.

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