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Sending and receiving messages among users are MUST-HAVE activities in any Social Network. And surely Message app will quench the thirst of phpFox users for a modern and full-featured Messaging app.

By analyzing user experience and applying to app layout design, users now can send, receive, view, compose and reply messages in the most convenient way with Message app.

Additionally, many user-oriented features such as Custom List and Conversation Management definitely will level up the user experience and speed up messaging tasks for users.

Feature List


- 2-columns design for a quick and easy experience to perform all actions on messages.

- Users can send, receive and reply messages

- Users can view the messages in threaded view with full content and time

- Users can compose messages with text, photo, attachment, emojis

- Users can search for messages using keyword

- Users can delete messages

- Users can mark messages as Spam

- Users can mark messages as Read/Unread

- Users can set a message to archive

- Users can create new Custom lists to send a message to many recipients at once

- All these above actions can be performed in multiple selections


- Setting to adjust maximum members that user can add to a group

- Setting to adjust maximum custom lists can be created

- Setting to adjust maximum members of a custom list

- Toggle to show/hide preview message

- Toggle to enable/disable disallow select of recipients

- Conversation management to search for a keyword in all messages

User Group Settings for:

- Compose messages

- Add attachment on mail

- Restrict message to friends only

- Permission to read private messages

- Delete messages

- Have Captcha when sending messages

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