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New Features / Improvements 

1Support register/login with Google account
2When opening a link within built-in Webview, support actions such as Copy Link, Open link in Browser, Share Link.
3For uploaded video, user can see video title/view/like/description and edit it directly in the activity feed
4Add loading indicator while loading categories
5The country code will be auto-detected in Verification by SMS and supporting select the country code
6Display Page Owners / Group Admins in the Members section of Page/Group Members
7Upgrade Facebook Software Development Kit (SDK)
8The "Contact Seller" button will be hidden when the seller views the listing details in the Marketplace app
9If admin disables Registration, the noticed message will appear if users register via Facebook, Google account, and Apple ID
10The Video button on Feed will be hidden when admin disables the "Can browse and view videos?" setting
11Support upload/view video on Mobile App with Mux
12Chatplus - Ask for permission to draw over other apps at the 1st running the Android  app
13Chatplus - When turning on camera within an audio call, the sound device will be automatically changed into Speaker
14Chatplus - User can accept and join the audio/video call without unlocking the screen on Android app
15Chatplus - User could share a YouTube video while calling
16Chatplus - When user deletes a message in conversation , it will show a notice at deleted message's position
17Live Streaming - Support live stream from web using OBS
18Live Streaming - Support “Community” privacy

Bugs Fixed

1The number on app badge isn't updated even though all notifications have been read
2Difficult to tap buttons on the top area on iPhone 13
3The total of uploaded files are not shown correctly in Photos
4The inputted location is not shown when editing the location for Page
5Duplicate photo in media picker on Android app
6Long text spill out in the System Settings
7Missing page's avatar and page's name in Video player screen if uploading a video as a page
8App crashes when searching time zone with "+" character
9In mention lists, displaying the active status for some pages
10App crashes when trying to view the details of a listing in offline mode
11App crashes when tapping on the user's avatar in offline mode
12Set time in Poll/Event - Parse wrong time in detail after submitting Create/Edit form
13Chatplus - In a group call, the last member is hidden by the actions bar
14Chatplus - Messages are occasionally missing(IOS)
15Chatplus - In Search/Pinned/Starred messages, app does not load any actions when tapping and holding on a certain message
16Chatplus - In the User Profile page, the online status dot is missing
17Chatplus - In a read-only group chat which not allow reactions, users still see the reactions bar when tapping and holding on to a message
18Live Streaming - Can not live stream with landscape mode
19Live Streaming - Can not load live videos on feed
20Live Streaming -  Could not close the keyboard after input description or comment while streaming live video on iOS app
21Live Streaming -  When mentioning friends/pages/groups in a comment on live video, it will display tag code in a moment
22Live Streaming -  Comments overflow into video area when viewing the live video in horizontal mode
23Live Streaming -  Sometimes could not scroll comments when viewing a live video
24Live Streaming -  While viewing a live video, the text of the previous comments is not cleaned up when trying to comment consecutively

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