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New Features / Improvements Adding some missing phrases

1Support "Reassign owner" function for Page/Group 
2Add text when there is no sticker available to input to Comment
3Display the phone number which has been verified in the account setting page after user signs up account via email 
4Allows users to delete phone numbers if the account has already an email and vice versa 
5User could copy the thread in Forum

The confirmation will appear when user want to unfriend with someone


Add mass action "Approve" for pending photos


Force users logout on mobile apps after changing password from web or another devices


Disallow users to delete users' default albums 


Some minor improvements on updating email/phone number


System will send a new passcode to user's phone number after requesting to resend the passcode 


Improve layout for some long texts in Profile Privacy page


Add "Pending" icon for pending pages/group/forum…


Add mass actions in search items result screen for Android


Display the created time of each poll/quiz on the listing page


Compress every photos by default before upload to server:

 +Support compress image JPEG, PNG, HEIC

 +Don't support compress GIF image

 +Always convert to JPEG after compressing


Add progress bar when uploading photo/thumbnail

Bugs Fixed


"Default time to sort events" doesn't work on mobile app


Do not separate status to multiple lines after posted on Feed


The warning message of fields are not sequential in Sign up form


Request password via phone number doesn’t work 


Some phrases are missing


User can go to Verification code page to verify their account although the password is not correct


Display wrong privacy when adding new item with custom privacy


If disabling the setting "Can vote on their own polls?" , then the owner of poll could not see the answers in detail


Users cannot edit detail Page although they have permission 


Could not search user with keyword contains apostrophe


User can still upload a photo inside Group although setting "Integrate Photos with Groups" is disabled


Settings “Maximum number of Marketplace,/Music/ Photo/Poll/Videos...” don't work properly in mobile


Missing user's name on re-share items feed if turning the setting Allow posting on Main Feed" off


In the User profile, the number on the Friends block displays wrong when accessing from the tagged list 


View count works incorrectly in Forum


Missing Sign-in with Google if Facebook Login disabled


When re-sharing a post to a friend's wall, redundant friend name on the re-share feed 


Still can see replies under a hided comment


Some issues with label, placeholder, error message,…


Set time in Poll/Event - Parse wrong minute in detail after submit create/edit form # GMT + 7


"Filter" option is shaken after searching in All Pages


App crashes when deleting feed item in some Android devices for some apps have less feed


The app is crashed when viewing the detail of Playlist in All Playlists


When sharing photos from an Android device, it does not load photos on the preview popup


In Android, the "Send" button is not shown on the "Comment" field when user inputs data 


iOS ShareExtension - Show message "Decode Response Data Failed" when sharing a video


Missing offline screen when viewing all reactions of video


Right-to-left layout issue 

29When user receives a push notification and tries to view it, then the screen will display "Item not found" message
30In Android, the error occurs when opening the playing song from the Notifications bar
31Profile feed item is blurred for some users have many feeds on Android devices
32Maps in page details not showing
33Crash on ANDROID 8.0 due to React Native-Notifications library
34Playing video from detail keeps loading when deleting video on playing pop up
35Lost tagged friends on feed after closing Edit Status popup
36In Android, When clicking on other profiles from Friends Page, it will display a loading icon forever
37Show actions when not selected any items 

Missing "Year" field in detail album page of Music app

39When editing item from detail for Poll/Quiz/Music Album/Music Playlist, it does not update on listing
40Announcement "dots" appear on the top of the announcement text
41iOS - App run in the background - Tap on push notification - Does not redirect to the item said in notification
42There is no action happened when trying to delete a feed in offline mode
43IM Chat - NodeJS - Still display deleted message in preview until kill app and reopen


Bug fixes

1Missing phrases for translation
2Display online status in User profile when enable setting "Display User Online Status"
3Remove typing status of the sender when typing a message.
4Wrong position of Date & Time when hovering on long message (for web)
5Remove the ability to make the audio/video call by clicking on "Call again" in the conversation for users who do not have permission
6Mute in group chat -  Error on mobile when messages get reactions from web
7Display wrong user name on file sent in the Media & Files section
8Items are still displayed on Media & Files section although it has been deleted in the conversation
9Error "Internal server error" when users try to make audio/video calls to another user after the conversation was deleted.
10Cannot click on the URL link which does not contain HTTPS/HTTP (web and mobile)
11Overlapping reactions on the video's thumbnail
12Users aren't restricted from switching to a Video call when the setting "Can start a video call in direct chat?" is disabled
13Group chat owners can not enable the "Allow Reaction" feature although they do have permission (Web - Group chat)
14Error "page not found" when clicking on the group's avatar. (Web - Group chat)
15Can not resend messages.
16When accepting a call from the locked screen mode on Ios, it still showed the jitsi-meet screen although the call had been ended.
17Photos can't be viewed on the popup screen when searching messages in the conversation.
18Cannot scroll down and view all emojis list when searching emoji in the conversation.
19Cannot download the photo in the conversation.
20Text compose isn't available when editing the message in a conversation detail.
21Wrong email address was sent in the conversation.
22Minor issues of layout, offline mode, error message. 


1Add section 'Popular Reactions" when opening All reactions popup (for Web)
2Support "Download photo" function in the conversation (for Web)
3Deactivate the "Send" button when no messages are typing. (for Web)
4Minor improvements in UI/UX
5Display profile photo in the detail group chat. (for Web)
6Add support message time sent in the conversation. (for Web)
7Add  Reaction on Message
8Enable notification for new messages when using the app.
9Show the member's list when using the mentioned feature (@username) in group chat.


Bug fixes

1The last live video is still shown although the video was ended.
2Cannot apply item privacy when going live from the Web.
3Error 500 when accessing live video detail if the module Feed is disabled.
5Live stream doesn't connect if go to the "Create Live Video" page from the home feed with ajax mode
6Live videos from users who got blocked aren't invisible
7Previous comments aren't removed when commenting consecutively (Android)
8Unpublished comments aren't hidden from the live stream screen's comments section.
9Missing tagged friends on Live Video detail.


1Reduce the size of Live Videos Block
2Generate a new stream key in case the current key is disabled or deleted.
3You are now able to select all items for Live videos on Mobile.
4Integrate with Chat plus - Improved the stability of Online status dot on Live Videos section
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