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New Features / Improvements 



1Improve photo compression for iOS Share Extension
2Feed - Apply the Feed setting -  "Display Limit"
3Video - Able to pause a playing video when opening the action list on a video
4Music - User can drag and drop the soundbar to the (X) button to remove all music playing in the list.
5Music - Some UI Improvements for Album tabs ("Information", "Songs") and detailed song

Support Admob Advertising ID for Android 13

7The app will be forced to restart after an update code push
8Support Native Admob
9Describe the detailed conditions for password when the "User a strong password" setting is enabled
11Photo/Video - In the Detail page, display the page/group name if photo/video belongs to the page/group
12Chatplus - In ChatPlus conversation - Add option to "Hide conversation" into the action list
13Chatplus - Support the "Call again" feature in the group chat
14Chatplus - Support hiding the "Audio & Video Call" icon once the group chat has only one member

Bugs Fixed

1Sign-up - The warning message of existed account is not shown fully
2In the Android app - The auto-play feature, after the first video has been ended, it doesn't automatically play the next video
3Photos - Album Detail - The layout will be broken if the name is too long
4For the iOS app, in the Blogs/Photo, the Search box could be disappeared after swiping down to reload the screen
5With the iOS app, In Photo Album Detail, the description cannot be displayed fully
6Missing the Privacy field on the Edit Photo form if editing photos posted on the feed  
7Photos - Display photos of the Timeline Album to users who don't have permission to view
8Music - User cannot remove the song from the album music
9Chat - Cannot connect to IM Chat on the mobile app if the default timezone is not UTC
10Chatplus - Group chat - The group name is not shown on the incoming screen when the group owner tries to make the call to a member of the group
11Chatplus - Android app - Conversation - No in-app notifications are sent to the user when someone tries to send messages
12Chatplus - Conversation, sometimes displays an error message when viewing "Media & Files"
13Chatplus - Website - The user cannot send multiple attachment files
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