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There is a discussion of how important of preventing concurrent logins to disallow users from staying logged into the same account from multiple devices. So this application allows admin to limit login to one device at a time for a user. Per configuration, one user won't be allowed to login if same user login from another device. Or they will receive the notification if there is another login from a different device.


  • This app is currently compatible with phpFox 4.6.1 or later

Product Information

  • Version: 4.2.0

Main Feature

For User

  • User can View list of login sessions (limit to save up to 50 items)
  • While viewing login history, user can block devices, set IP to trusted list or block IP address
  • User cannot login anymore with devices which are in Blocked List or the IP is blocked
  • User can manage Trusted IP: user can remove IP from Trusted List or block IP
  • User can manage Blocked Devices: user can unblock devices
  • User can also manage Blocked IP: user can remove IP from Blocked List or trust IP
  • Moreover, user has the ability to choose whether or not to receive email notifications about the unverified login sessions. After receiving email, admin can the IP address to trusted list

 For Admin

  • Admin can control to allow or not allow multiple logins.
  • Admin can control which User Group using this feature.
  • If admin disables multiple logins:
    • When user login on one device/browser, all sessions of this user on others devices will be destroyed.
    • If device isn't verified (hasn't logged in before) and IP isn't trusted: an email will be sent to user to notice about Unknown Login. This email will have a link to go to view session in Login History
    • Open popup on unclosed windows to notice about unknown login.
  • If admin enables multiple logins:
    • The user can log in and keep the session on multiple devices/browsers.
    • If the device isn't verified, send an email to the user to notice about unknown login.
    • If the device isn't verified, open popup on unclosed windows to notice about unknown login.
  • After sending email + showing popup, login device will be automatically marked as verified.


1Multiple Device Login EnabledEnable/disable multiple logins

User Group Settings

1Can use this app features?Decide the User Group Members can use features of the app.



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