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Giving gifts is the perfect way to show friends your appreciation and to tell them that you love them so much. We provide eGift to allow your users to send gifts to their friends electronically within the community.

  • You can manage all the gift categories and define the valid time for each category
  • You can also add as many gifts as you want and configure the price for each gift. By this way, your users will have to pay for the gifts before they can send to their friends. But of course, you can also add free gifts to encourage your users to interact with the others without any fee.
  • Your users can pick a gift from the selected category to send in their friend's profile.


  • This app is currently compatible with phpFox 4.6.1 or later

Product Information

  • Version: 4.6.1

Feature List

Send / Receive egifts:

  • While going to friend's profile, the user can see an icon for sharing a gift. Click this icon to see a popup which contains all egifts, filter by category
  • Gifts could be either free or paid based on admin's configuration
  • Receiver receives the notification about new gift sent to him / her
  • Receiver can see the feed of new gift sent to him / her at user profile
  • We support both jpeg, png, and gif for egift

Manage eGifts - Back End

  • Filter all egifts by category. Admin can select all categories to view all egifts
  • Each egift has an information about category, egift name, image and the associated prices
  • Admin can add new egift, edit or delete

Manage Categories - Back End

  • Can re-order categories
  • Each category has information about its name and the valid time. Each category can be active / inactive
  • Admin can edit or delete a category
  • Can add new a category. Admin has to define the valid time and its status is active or inactive

Manage Invoices - Back End

  • Admin can see all invoices for all sharing egifts activities

User Group Settings - Back End

  • Configure which user group can send egifts to others


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