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New Features / Improvements

01Change the core apps' namesThe core apps' names of phpfox will not include "phpFox" term anymore
02Change layout of commentIf you're using the theme which the feed / comment is being costumed, your Home Page may need some updates to match with new style of comment
03Allow to upload muti-photos while creating new feedSupport both Home Page, User Profile Page, Page and Group
04Show total views of videos posted in Group or Page 
05Have an option for admin to decide whether to include a custom field in search or notApply on both Browse Members at Front End and Search Users at AdminCP
06Keep users stay in page after delete videos in page successfully 
07Show photo on Facebook after share photo successfully 
08Show thumbnail on Facebook after share video successfully 
09Have option to show both first name and last name on the registration form 
10Support to send an email to buyer to notify about a new purchase 
11Allow admin to select which criterion will be used for sorting feed by top stories: sort by total likes, total comments or both 
12Default setting of "Friend Only Community" will be "False" 
13All core apps are now working in the same rule while integrating with Page and GroupIf users create items on page / group 
- Owners can view their own items on the corresponding apps in My Items pages as My Events, My Blogs and so on. 
- These items should not be displayed on Home Page of the corresponding apps. Other members could not see them.
- Other members can view these items on page / group detail if they have permission to view them.

If users create items on private group 
- Do not have feed on Home Page
14Add new menu Membership to allow members to go to this page quicklyClick on "Settings" button at the top right corner to see the Membership menu, which is being put behind the "Privacy Settings"
15Have an option for admin to choose whether to remove database while uninstalling app or not 
16Support multilingual for categories in Reported Items 
17Do not show profile photos in Recent Photos block in User Profile if the setting "Display Profile Photo withing Gallery" is disabled 
18Add some default folders while creating new appDefault folder include: Assets, Block, Controller, Hooks, Service, Views
19Translation of phrases in the title groups 
20Remove temp file after install successfully 
21Support check app compatible with the CoreIf version of phpFox on the site is lower than the min required version of the app, the admin won't be allowed to install it.

These already include improvements from Github


01Update the default permission of Group and Page
02Layout issue if the reply on comment is enabled
03Issue on group approval button
04The comment is hidden when click on "view more"
05Cannot update user profile if user does not have permission to edit custom fields
06Error page on Window
07Show secret groups in global search
08Issue while editing comment
09Site wide issue
10Issues about phrases, include categories of some core apps, menu phrase, header phrase and more
11Thumbnail of mature content photos are being shown to non-registered users in listing photos in Page / Group
12Select privacy for feed on iPhone 6s makes the screen off
13Issue of group url
14Do not show the corresponding feed to Home Page if share link from group
15Layout issue if video title is empty
16Could not delete phrase
17Could not delete the archived newsletter
18The time stamp is not displayed while reading an announcement
19Menu issues at AdminCP
20There is an empty box appearing on user profile when user pokes another one
21Could not attach file in the first post in form thread
22Unable to delete blocks
23Have to clear cache after add / import new language successfully
24The redirect after sign up is not working properly
25Could not close tooltip in case the popup for adding friend is shown
26Could not delete custom group
27The notifications and messages are empty boxes in case they are long text message
28Could not send message with an attach file
29Ban filters do not work in Ukrainian Russian languages
30Could not add group in RSS
31Feed is being displayed in only one line instead of breaking into multi-lines after the setting "Allow HTML" is enabled
32Original images were deleted if the setting to remove original images in the previous versions of phpfox was enabled. Notice: this setting is not in phpFox anymore.
33In secret group, feeds which have newest comments are not put to the top as top stories feeds
34Could not post feed in page with Page role
35The setting "Recent takers to show" works incorrectly
36Duplicate breadcrumb in Confirm Purchase page in Marketplace
37Button "Mark All As Read" on mail.index does not work

These issues already include issues from Github

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