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User Group Settings

From version 4.5.2, below user group settings will be removed from the Core script:

Setting var name

Setting Title




Can remove feeds from their dashboard?


The setting isn't useful anymore


Can remove feeds from their own profile?


The setting isn't useful anymore


This setting tells how many messages can be stored based on the user group. It is complemented by the setting override_mail_box_limit to allow administrators and staff members to store any number of messages.


The setting isn't useful anymore


This setting tells if members of this user group can overcome the limit imposed by the setting mail_box_limit.


The setting isn't useful anymore


Members allowed to override the "restrict_message_to_friends" will be able to receive messages regardless if they are friends of the sender or not.


The setting isn't useful anymore

New Features / Improvements / Changes

1Bring back feature "Login as Page" 
2Define the unit (minutes) for Top bloggers cache time  
3Show confirmation message after the event is featured / un-featured successfully 
4Have default thumbnail image for private videos got from Facebook 
5Update the default thumbnail for music 
6Redirect admin to Manage Members page after editing member in AdminCP instead of Edit Member page 
7In case the server is using https, if user shares a image link got from http sites, the ssl issue appears 
8Add AddThis settings 
9Show full size of photo in the editing theme page 
10Support mass action to delete photos 
11Update the default thumbnail for albums without photos 



Cannot comment if enable setting "Comment Hash Check"


The video which uploaded from Facebook do not show thumbnail


Description of setting "Friend Only Community' still links to the setting "Section Privacy Item Browsing" (which was hidden from phpFox 4)

04A block with has custom html appears on the core.index-visitor page is disappeared

Cannot hide "Memberships" link on user menu


Can not load photo if phpfox CDN setting was disabled

07Missing phrases in many items

Can not tag friend in Edit comment field


Show secret groups while using global search if user is a member of these groups

10Missing the year in album detail while viewing Music app
11Support multilingual for categories of Contact in ACP
12Show error message if owner adds new widget to group / page without information
13Captcha in register form is cut
14While using the global search tool and clicking on members the "view more" button, it does not work

Do not translate app menu to other languages (only translate default language)


Cannot install module apps on upgrade site (from 3.8 to 4.5)


App icons are blur when translate app name to Russian and Ukrainian languages


Marketplace: wrong phrase in sponsored listings block

19Do not show avatar of user in tooltip if the user sign up / sign in via Facebook account
20Because of cache issue, the statuses of sponsored items are not changed after approval
21Some apps are using the same phrases instead of using the specific phrases for each app
22Page admin could not see widgets in the page manager after the permission on widget is set to members only
23Uploading video is not working properly on some servers
24Show wrong message after edit the event successfully
25Because of cache issue, once a sponsored event has just been edited, its information is not updated in the sponsored block
26Could not use scroll bar to view more menus while viewing the profile page in case we have many apps on the site
27The setting "URL Redirect After Login" is not working properly while logging in on the login page
28The reset sorting on search form is now working wrong
29If the setting "Allow HTML" is enabled, admin could not edit pages created in AdminCP
30Show undefined message while turning on the setting to make the site is offline site
31While requesting password, the captcha is always fail in case system is using Google Recaptcha
32Egift is not supported by CDN completely
33Check-in issues caused by upgrading from V3 which is not clean up V3 files to V4
34While editing the widget in Page, some information are hidden when the type of widget is changed to block
35Could not register when the reCaptcha is enabled
36"Banner" word is hard-coded
37Mature content photos are being shown to non-registered users in albums in page detail / group detail
38Cannot update phrases in currency manager for second language
39Duplicate data while scrolling down in some apps
40Hide the mini menu while logging in as page
41Categories in Group app has too much padding between them
42The setting "Activity points received when creating a new group" is not working properly
43Some layout issues happen on the Info page of user profile
44The message to notify about the deleting of an anti-spam question is not shown properly
45Although the video's category is re-named, old name is still visible while viewing the video detail
46When upload an image from iOS, the image is displayed correctly in feed. However, the image in detail is showing in wrong rotation
47Layout issue of player of music album detail on IE
48Map is not shown in event detail on some sites
49Temporary hide the feature "Update Users Activity Blog Points" in 4.5.2 because it is working wrong. Will improve it completely in 4.6
50Login / signup popup spin forever if the setting "Force HTTPS for Logged In Users" is on and the setting "Secure Pages with HTTPS" is off on http site
51Support RTL for IM Chat
52Show wrong notification when user receive a normal gift
53Some layout issues happen when edit album as well as photo on IE

Description of the "Allow HTML" setting still reference to the "sAllowedHtmlTags" setting that no longer available

55Layout issue happen on All Quizzes page if the "Quizzes to show" setting is odd number
56Some emoji icons are missed while choosing them to send message to friends
57Temporary hide the Redis setting on Performance section because it is working wrong. Will improve it completely in 4.6
58User info is overlapped if user has long address
59In some situations, the re-position feature for cover photo in page does not work
60Could not attach link to some pages / groups
61Error happens when install 2 packages which same language in debug mode
62In some situations, admin could not clear cache
63The "Keep Files In Server" setting is not working properly
64Display location and map into Info tab in page detail
65The "Recent Photos" block does not show private items although the viewer has permission to view them
66Could not view activity feed on pages / groups if the viewer does not have permission to post comment
67Issue about location default in search members page at AdminCP
68Select age target always has only one option to select
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