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[BUG] AdminCP - Relationship Statuses - Edit Status - Can not edit phrases of other languages


[BUG] Relationship Status does not show on the User profile.


[BUG] Relationship Statuses do not update unless clearing cache in AdminCP

4[BUG] AdminCP - Browse Users - 'Sort' option does not work for column IP
5[BUG] AdminCP - "Submit" button has wrong background color and text color
6[BUG] AdminCP - Blank page with Error "Could not resolve host:"
7[BUG] Show unfriendly error about mail function on Front-end when SMTP is configured wrong
8[BUG] AdminCP - Mail Settings - Show "Array" phrase
9[BUG] When a guest browses another user profile, an unnecessary option to delete the event is enabled
10[IMPROVEMENT] Support export data of user profile


To support the ability to export user data, the Material template and Single Device Login app also require being updated along with Core version 4.6.1b3. The new versions of these products are now available on phpFox Store. If you are using the Material template and Single Device Login app, please don't forget to upgrade them to their latest version as well right after upgrading the phpFox Core.


See the complete changed file list here.

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