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Released on July 26th, 2018



[IMPROVEMENT] Hide relationship field on profile popup if a user doesn't input info for this field

2[IMPROVEMENT] Sign up - Enable "Username" field by default
3[IMPROVEMENT] Separate Subscription as a standalone app.


[BUG] Forum - Popular topics - Cannot search topic contains character dot


[BUG] AdminCP - Custom Field - Description of Small Text Field about max length is incorrect.

6[BUG] AdminCP - Add Relationship Status -  Links in the breadcrumb don't work
7[BUG] Video - Technical issue when adding wrong video link
8[BUG] Group - Add new widget - Background color configured isn't applied on text
9[BUG] Global Search - Keywords are removed when clicking on the Search icon
11[BUG] Login As Page - Unable to delete feed item right after shared
12[BUG] Page - Feed - Textbox status is hidden after cover photo is uploaded failed
13[BUG] Feed items of relationship show duplicated username
14[BUG] AdminCP - Top Search - Links in the breadcrumb don't work after searching Core settings
15[BUG] AdminCP - Ban Filter - Form doesn't show correctly when toggling "Ban User" setting
16[BUG] Middle blocks (block 2 and 4) disappear on the next page when using pagination instead of loading more.
17[BUG] Blogs - Search - RTL layout isn't applied when switching to RTL language
18[IMPROVEMENT] Remove old Ads module



See the complete changed file list here.

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