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New Features




Optimize Core System (Cache & Scaling)
2Allow admin to remove old files after upgrading

Allow admin to define the minimum character for Search function (Minimum has to be >= 2)

7Allow members to search by username

Show a warning in AdminCP if PF.Base and PF.Site folders are still set 777 as permission

9Allow members to Show/Hide menus in User profile page
10Add a field to create a custom message when invite friend
11Admin is able to sort Reported Items
12Able to limit pages when scrolling down
13Allow admin to change timezone list
14Able to hide the Licence ID and Licence Key in back-end setting
15Support one-line menu for user profile menu
16On news feed, textboxes now show scrolling when pasting a long link
17Able to hide FTP password in back-end setting

Bug Fixes



1Fix unable to comment continuously on Bootstrap template
2Fix the number of comment doesn't change when comments are removed
3Fix avatar doesn't show if photo upload is failed
4Fix thread details to be overflow when there is a long text without space
5Fix Cronjob URL shows the wrong link
6Fix some issues with Friend search block upon selecting a friend when Enable Bundle JS on IE browser
7Fix the issue that the owner doesn't receive notification if he/she does not comment on his/her shared link in page. 
8Fix the issue of unable to drag & drop to change the order of custom fields
9Fix Check-in doesn't work properly
10Fix redirecting to the wrong item when another user comments on the shared link in a page
11Fix duplicated notification when another user comments on the item that you are tagged in
12Fix the issue of user module doesn't hide Member menu if disable "Can browse users using the public browse section?"
13Fix the issue of broken block 3 after submitting the Invitation form in Bootstrap template
15Fix issue of Site statistic doesn't display correctly
16Fix wrong translated phrase
17Fix Email Whitelist doesn't work correctly
18Fix issue of tooltips don't work everywhere
19Fix unauthorized user can view privately shared feed
20Fix email is not sent properly when sharing status with a user

Fix issue of Back button doesn't work when using the drop-down menu and then go to Members or Pages.

22Fix issue of a user can register an account with space in username
23Fix issue of not show full content when enabled "Notify other user post link/video in your pages"
24Fix issue of clicking Back button on photos will make the main menu on Newsfeed displays improperly
29Fix issue of when enabled 24-hour clock format, yesterday's posts are still in 12-hour clock format.




1Add space below Save button of Account Settings page
2Improve Installation configuration and AdminCP configuration
3Open new tab when selecting items on AdminCP menu
4Remove unnecessary button on the statistics page on Bootstrap template
5Privacy Setting - Remove the background of email notification on Bootstrap template
6Deleted notification will disappear without reloading the page
7Feed is loaded properly from the user profile
8Unauthorized users no longer can edit other users' statuses
9Improvements to some layout issues when enabling Bundle JS
10Improvements on Captcha generation
11Update design for guest list on Invite
12Able to see all feedback on Reported items
13Removed temporary settings of AddThis
14Banned user is no longer can log in
15Ban filter is improved to work more properly
16Move all settings related to Trending block to Block settings
17Hide the "Continue" button after click on
18Hide action "Feature/Unfeature User" when the setting "Can members of this user group feature and unfeature members?" is disabled
19Show phrase instead of variable name in Deny user popup
20Replace video icon in filter menu with the default icon

Porting Apps

Activity Point
With Activity Point app, users can easily and smoothly manage settings and configurations of pointing system on both backend and frontend. As a stand-alone app, there will be no boundary or limit from the Core system. Additionally, Activity Point app opens a door for developers to take advantage on pointing system and use it in developing, modifying and adjusting features on their apps.

Packed with a brand new design and various newly developed features, we understand your need for a modern and full-featured messaging app on phpFox. Therefore, in this ported app version, we conclusively work on not only perfecting current features but also developing new features

Skins on templates

Template Skin, the pre-defined color sets for your template. Upon selecting, the color styles of template skin will be automatically applied without the need of adjusting each and every theme component manually.

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