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New Features / Improvements



1Send notifications to users when getting promoted to a new user group
2Support multi-language for the Page Title
3Update the language of users to the default language when their current language is deleted
4Improve API response handling from phpFox Store in AdminCP
5In the Recently Active page: Allow the admin can set the number of people who will be displayed on this block
6Support showing the friend suggestions when users use the mention feature (@) on feed or comment
7In the Feeds of Photos: Increase the quality of the big photos
8In the Photo Album listing page: Support “Feature album” action in the mass actions

Bugs Fixed

1Fail to connect to the phpFox Store in AdminCP > Apps > Installed
2User cannot view others' Profile & Info tab unless having permission to view that user's activities
3The text "Recently Active" appears on the Browse Users page after searching for members
4When adding a new phrase, the max length of text input is limited
5From the Home page, the blank page displays if the users click on the "Site Statistics" block.
6When clicking on the Gender field on a user Profile Info page, it redirects to the page where the filter search on Gender is "Any"
7In the Edit Profile page, the layout of "Date of Birth" is not displayed fully on Window OS
8If the site is using the 12-hour format, the event's time frame will be back to the default after making any changes to the event
9The tagged users don't get notifications when someone likes the post
10The deleted sticker is still showing on the home page
11The pointer is displayed in the wrong position when the users edit a comment.
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