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New Features / Improvements




Support PHP 8.0

2Clicking pages subcategories menu collapses and re-opens the entire menus on the left #2528

Making Invite app consistent with Invite People via Email of other Apps #2874

4Hide all feed from user/page/group - Update hyperlink on name of user/page/group
5Always display the sponsored feed  on top of the Home Feed
6Support Settings for the max length of Title and Description Meta
7Support turn language package on/off
8Optimize loading link preview when trying to share a link that doesn't allow access from our site

Support send invitation to phone numbers if site enabled registration by phone [ #3016]

10Support "Community Only" privacy #18
11Have a new setting into the Track app  to define how long a unique viewer will be tracked
12Integrate with ChatPlus to show online/offline realtime
13Support merge changes from Material to the cloned template in AdminCP
14Autosuggestion for menu icons when adding icon font 

Able to change the privacy of feed in the Home Page

16Optimize workflow to check latest app version of Apps/Themes/Languages in AdminCP
17Can delete users automatically with email verification pending after predefined days #1008
18Remove notifications of link-related feed items after deleted "link" post
19Move Validator Regex Rules to AdminCP > Global Settings

Bugs Fixed



1Can access to app setting page even though the app is disabled
2When editing status that has a "mention" at the end on Firefox, can not add text after the mention
3The strange code intermittently displays when clicking the "Back" button of the browser
4Multiple profile image upload #3011

Login with Google doesn't work when Bundle JS is enabled

6Show error when re-validate/upgrade apps in AdminCP > Uploaded
7Layout Issues with Bootstraps and Responsive
8Issue when sharing Facebook URL
9When like a comment that mentions friends, show tags in the notification content
10After hiding all feed from user/page/group, clicking on the links of user/page/group goes nowhere

For detailed change log, please refer to the phpFox Github at

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