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New Features / Improvements

1Admin cannot  turn off the setting "Enable Registration using Phone Number" once the user account does not have an email
2Support disallow access for user group settings
3Support "Show password" feature
4Support Ajax delete without reloading the page
5Add a setting that admin can turn on/off 2-steps verification
6Support removing old QR code in 2-Step Verification
7Hide tab "Email Notification" if users only register an account with phone  number and vice versa
8Don't allow users to search the friend to mention on feed if the setting "Who can tag me in written contexts?" of that friend is "No one"
9Reorder buttons on Confirm popup

Support for users can search members by phone number to add to the friend list

11AdminCP >Members>Browse Users: Add loading icon when deleting user's account
12AdminCP >Cancelled Members: Support feature that admin can delete multiple cancellation reasons

AdminCP >Storage System: Support merge added Storage items by Admin with configured Storage items from server environment

14Support Search Members component for separate apps like Pages/Groups
15New users can receive or send friend requests to others even the site is "Friends Only Community"

Bugs Fixed

1If enable "Multi-step Registration Form",  it always shows "Captcha failed" when submitting the form at step 2
2Unable to update/save the settings with valid data
3If the setting  “Can edit privacy settings for other users?" is disabled, then Admin cannot edit other user accounts although they have permission 
4If the setting "Who can view your location?" is No one, other users can still view user's location in some places
5In the Privacy Settings  page, if turn Profile and SMS/Email Notifications tabs off, then could not view other tabs (Items, Blocked Users, and Invisible Mode)
6Missing Captcha at "2-Step Verification" page
7Missing "Multi-step" in sign up process when users do not input Anti Spam Question
8AdminCP >Custom field - Edit Selection/Radio/Checkbox field - Can save field after deleted all options
9AdminCP >Add Custom field - Save wrong field name if the name is too long
10Can view a post on a friend's wall but could not like, comment on it
11In the Account Settings page, users can update their full name which the length is greater than the setting in the backend
12Error 500 when turning off module Invite  but turning  the setting “Invite Only” on
13AdminCP >Members>Browse Users: Results is not synchronized between searching and exporting data
14AdminCP >Search settings - Show duplicate setting when search "Gender"
15AdminCP >XSS Attack - Custom field has name contains JS script - Show popup whenever access to page has the field
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