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This article will guide you step by step to configure Chat app.

Chat app is using Pusher ( to push messages in a realtime manner. We assume that you have registered an account on Pusher and choose the appropriate Pusher plan. Now, let's log into your Pusher account and create a Channel app.

On the Create your Channels app form, please input the fields of Name of your app and Select Cluster

You should choose the cluster based on your target users for the best performance.

Once app is created, you can go to App detail page > App Keys to get Pusher keys.

Now, you can go to AdminCP of your MetaFox site > App Settings > Chat to configure Chat with Pusher

Lastly, clear cache to apply Chat config.

That's it! You have completed the configuration for Chat with Pusher.  Now, you can go the frontend to check how Chat work.

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