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Sitemaps show the structure and webpages of your site in a XML format Google’s bots can understand. A sitemap guides the crawl bots through your site, showing them the most important pages. Remember, you want Google’s bots to crawl your site, so the search engine understands which search terms your website is most relevant for. 

This guide will guide you how to configure and get Sitemap for Google Search Console

Now, let's log in your MetaFox site with Admin user and go to AdminCP > Settings > SEO. Then click on the Sitemap Settings menu on the top-right corner to go to the Sitemap Settings page

On this page, you can choose which apps will be published in the Sitemap. Then, click Save Changes button to apply your selection.

You can verify the Sitemap Index page at . Please replace the with your actual domain.

You can use this Sitemap link to submit on Google Search Console

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