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What's new

New Features / Improvements

  • UI/UX Improvements on all apps
    • Navigation: add breadcrumbs, counts , etc. 
    • Content display: straightforward phrases, number format, page layout, feed items, icons, etc.
  • Chat/ChatPlus
    • Improve display of replies to messages having photo and text
  • Photos
    • Update feed items of new albums of Page/Group
    • Remove the "Can download images" permission
  • Groups
    • Send a notification to the group's owner after members edit and re-submit their declined posts.
    • Don't show the "Add new item" button for guests
    • Remove the accept/decline option on the group listing page when users are invited to become admin/ moderator.
  • Quizzes
    • Users can view the list of people who answered this question when clicking on the number of total plays
    • Remove the Delete button on the "This quiz is in pending state" section
  • Polls
    • Support CAPTCHA challenge when submitting a new poll
  • Comments
    • Hide 'Remove Preview' option for Guests
    • Hide sort comment section after users delete comments
  • Forums
    • Add bottom pagination in Forum Details and Thread Details page
    • Sticky threads are displayed in Forum and Subforums only. Not display sticky threads on Forum Home
    • Support "Can reply all threads?" permission
    • Set the default Sort option with the last replies
    • Users can search wiki threads
    • Support Forum description
    • Remove "Display on Wiki" option when creating a new thread on Page/Group
  • Marketplace
    • Listings displayed on the History page are ordered by latest, based on the time of the first visit.
  • SEO
    • Support generating Sitemap for SEO
    • Support preview info when sharing items on Social network, such as Facebook, Twitter
  • Notification
    • Support web push notification on browsers
  • Saved Items
    • Support actions of View Member list and Leave Collection 
  • Events
    • Event owner cannot invite hosts if the "Can edit own events" permission is turned off
    • Improve navigation flow when users view on map in the Event detail
  • Others
    • Have “Show your location” button when users view content on map
    • Admin can edit members' usernames
    • Admin can configure the site that how long the notification will be automatically refreshed
    • Add more permissions for apps, such as forum, events, etc. in AdminCP
    • Able to filter users having "Not approved" status
    • Support Manage Categories and Auto responder for Contact form
    • Hide "Invite people to come" on items that have "Only me" privacy
    • Improve workflow when admin edits the user's info in AdminCP
    • Create Feed items of new announcements for Super Admin and users who have permission to view

And, many bugs found have been resolved.

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