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MetaFox can be set up and installed quickly with Docker. Assume that your server supports Docker and Docker Compose with Linux docker images. In this guide, we are going to walk you though steps to install MetaFox site

After downloading the MetaFox package in Client Area, you can extract the MetaFox package to the /path/to/metafox folder on your local machine or server having Docker. You can follow this guide to quickly start MetaFox site with docker:

  • Modify the database name, user and password in the file server.env under /path/to/metafox/docker folder if needed. The database info will be used on the Installation Wizard when installing MetaFox later. Note that the database host name is postgres . Below is the sample config of file server.env
  • Open terminal, log in to your server with SSH user having permission to run docker
  • Go to the folder that the package has been extracted to
  • Run following command in terminal:
cd /path/to/metafox && bash

Please don't forget to replace the /path/to/metafox in the above command with your actual folder path

Now, you can start installing MetaFox with the Installation Wizard at http://your_server_ip:8080/install/ as the Install MetaFox article.

Build Frontend Manually

The Frontend source for the web is located at the /path/to/metafox/source/frontend-web folder. If you are familiar with React, you can customize the Frontend web in this folder if you want and then rebuild the frontend with the following command

cd /path/to/metafox && bash

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