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Frontend web of MetaFox is developed with React so it needs to be rebuilt when having updates such as installing/upgrading apps, or changing frontend assets (favicons, logo, etc). MetaFox Build is a powerful and essential service provided to administrators to effortlessly regenerate the frontend assets (JS, CSS etc.), ensuring the latest code changes and updates are effectively reflected in the live production environment. You just need to do few clicks in AdminCP to rebuild Frontend web as below

Assume that you have changes settings or installing apps that require to rebuild the frontend web. Now, click on the Rebuild icon on the top header menu bar in AdminCP, or go to Appearances > Themes > Rebuild site page

Click on the Continue button to start building frontend with MetaFox Build Service

You can check the status of your build requests as well as build history in the Build History page

If the build request has been done and updated successfully, you will notice the green check on that build request.

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