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In this article, we are going to guide you to set up Login with Tiktok on MetaFox site with following steps:

  • Obtain Ticket API Key and Secret Key
  • Configure Login with Tiktok on MetaFox

Obtain Ticket API Client Key and Secret Key

You will need to have Tiktok Developer account to get API Client Key and Client Secret key. If you haven't got one yet, please register your account at Tiktok Developer page (

Now, log into Tiktok Developer with your credentials. Then go to the Manage Apps section at 

Click Connect An App button and follow the guide to create your app to use for Login with Tiktok.

At this step, you will need to fill all required details of your app and submit for review to get approval.

Once the app is created successfully and approved, you can obtain the Client Key and Client Secret in the App Details page. We will configure these values in MetaFox to enable Login with Tiktok then.

Now, we will add 2 products within Tiktok App: Login Kit and Scopes

Then, configure the Web Redirect URI of Login Kit and the of Scopes as the screenshot

Configure Login with Tiktok on MetaFox

Now, let's log into AdminCP Dashboard and go to App Settings > Social Connect > Tiktok page.

In this page, you can configure Client Key and Client Secret key that you have obtained in the previous step. And use your site URL as the Redirect URL as the below screenshot

Click Save Changes button to complete the setup for Login with Tiktok. The Login option with Tiktok is now available on the Signup form as below

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