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This guide will walk you through the process of integrating PayPal as a payment method, enabling smooth and secure transactions.


Before proceeding, you will also need to create a PayPal Business Account.

Creating a PayPal Business Account

Registering for a PayPal Business Account

  1. Visit the PayPal website.
  2. Sign up for a PayPal Business Account using your email address.
  3. Follow the prompts to provide necessary information and verify your account.

You will have to follow PayPal's verification process, which may include linking your bank account and confirming your identity.

Get Paypal Client ID and Client Secret

PayPal integrations use a client ID and client secret to authenticate API calls:

  • A client ID identifies an app. 
  • A client secret authenticates a client ID so you will need to keep this secret safe.

Here's how to get your client ID and client secret:

  1. Select Log in to Dashboard and log in or sign up.
  2. Select Apps & Credentials.
  3. New accounts come with a Default Application in the REST API apps section. To create a new project, select Create App with the type of Merchant.
  4. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret to configure in MetaFox site in the next step

After creating app successfully, in the App Details page, you can add Webhook with URL (replace with your actual domain) and check All Events option as shown below screenshot.

Click Save button on the Add Webhook popup to complete the setup at Paypal's end. You can get the Webhook ID as below. You need to save this value to configure in MetaFox site later.

Configuring PayPal Integration in MetaFox

Log in to the AdminCP of your MetaFox platform using your admin credentials and go to App Settings > Payments. Then click on Edit option of Paypal item as below

On the Edit Gateway popup you can fill in 2 settings of Client ID, Client Secret and Webhook ID that you got above. Then save changes.

Enabling Sandbox Mode

To testing payments, you can set up Paypal with Sandbox mode as below

  1. In Paypal Developer Dasboard, switch to the Sandbox mode and then create Paypal app
  2. Configure corresponding Client ID and Client Secret of the Sandbox app for Paypal gateway
  3. Enable Test Mode setting
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