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In this article, we will guide you to set up SMS with Twilio service provider. Assume that you have completed the registration on Twilio web.

After logging into the Twilio service page with your account, you can get the details of Account SID and Auth Token. Save these values to configure in MetaFox site

Let's log into your MetaFox site with Admin user. Then go to AdminCP > Settings > SMS > Settings. Make sure that the Send SMS Method is enabled with twilio option as below screenshot

Let's move to the Services and edit the Twilio provider, you will see three inputs you need to fill in (Account SID, Auth Token, From Number). The first two fields you can get it from your Twilio home page above.

Fill in the phone number you acquired from Twilio service into the "From Number" field. Twilio provided a detailed guideline for acquiring their phone number; kindly visit the link for more details.

Then click the Save Changes button to apply the configuration.

Congratulation. You just completed the setup for SMS with Twilio.

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