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In this article, we are going to give you more details about the standard recommendations for a server when running MetaFox. 

Here is the Minimal Server Configuration

  • CPU: Single core (2 GHz)
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Disk: SSD

MetaFox can be installed with either Docker or normal hosting service. Now we will take a deeper look into the requirements for each setup option below

Setup with Docker

This is the easiest and highly recommended setup for MetaFox as it can be quickly installed and run well on servers or cloud hosting supporting Docker applications. You can consider using the following hosting service type for the MetaFox site:

  • Dedicated server: On a dedicated server, you will have root permission to set up Docker environment and install the MetaFox site quickly and easily.
  • VPS / Cloud Hosting: Your SSH account needs to have permission to run the Docker application
  • Docker hosting platforms: There are many hosting platforms providing powerful, reliable infrastructure and services for Docker applications such as Amazon ECS, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud Run, etc.

Normal Setup on hosting service with LAMP or LEMP stack

Hosting plans of hosting service providers usually supports a bundle of software technology for websites to run, such as LAMP or LEMP stack, etc by default. MetaFox can also be installed on such server or web hosting with the following requirements: 

  • Server OS: Linux
  • Web server:  Apache or (NginX + PHP-FPM)
    • If using Apache server, mod_rewrite is required
  • DatabasePostgres (13.0 or higher), MySQL (8.0 or higher)
    • Postgres is recommended
  • PHP: PHP 8.1 (From 8.1.13) or higher
  • PHP functions:
    • Required:
      • exec
      • shell_exec
      • proc_open
      • proc_close
  • PHP Extensions:
    • Required
      • mysqlnd (nd_pdo_mysql) (recommended) or MySQLi: if using MySQL database
      • pgsql: if using Postgres database
      • gd
      • cURL
      • zip
      • mbstring
      • xml
      • dom
      • json
      • bcmath
      • ctype
      • openssl
      • pcntl
      • pcre
      • fileinfo
      • tokenizer
      • exif
      • sodium
      • intl
      • socket
    • Optional:
      • imagick
      • redis
      • apcu
      • opcache
  • Additional Requirement for the Video App : 

    • If you want to allow users to upload videos from their computer, your server must be able to encode/transcode videos so that they can be displayed on your website properly. So FFMPEG mus be installed on your server. Be aware that video encoding/transcoding is a CPU-intension task and can take a long time to run, you should only install it on a dedicated environment such as a dedicated server. If you are using Shared Hosting or VPS / Cloud Hosting environments, be sure to check with your hosting provider to see if they allow this encoding task.

If you are unsure if your server meets the product requirements, please contact your host and send them this page.

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