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MetaFox site can be updated easily and quickly in 2 ways:

  • Update in AdminCP 
  • Update manually

Before updating MetaFox site, please create full backup first so you can restore your site if having any problems during the Product Update process. MetaFox already supports Backup feature in AdminCP > Maintenance > Backup

Assume that you already back up your site successfully. Now, we can go ahead to update MetaFox site.

Update in AdminCP

In AdminCP > Site status, there will be a Update link if new version is available for your site to upgrade.

Click on the Update link to go to the Update Wizard

Assume to you have created backup, click the Continue button to move to the next step to select apps to update

In the Application step, you can select apps you would like to upgrade along with MetaFox Core at this time. Select All to update all apps. Then click the Continue button to start updating

New MetaFox package and apps will be downloaded and updated on your site. It will take a few minutes to complete the updating.

Update manually

In this way, you will need to download the latest MetaFox package in Client Area and upload source on your server.

Then, go to the MetaFox Installation Wizard at URL: to start updating MetaFox. Note: you need to replace the with the actual domain of your MetaFox site. 

At the 1st Prepare step, you are recommended to back up your site before proceeding the Product Update.

Once your MetaFox is backed up, you can click on Continue button to start updating the MetaFox site.

After the Product Update process will automatically go through all the necessary steps to upgrade your site and rebuild the frontend (web). The site will be inaccessible during the Product Update process and launched after completed.

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