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  • Click the Use Schedule checkbox to enable or disable this from showing all year long. Disabled will show only on the birthday of the user's friends.

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Adding and Managing Gifts

Adding Gifts

  • Click Add E-Gifts


  • Actions >> Select New Gift

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  • Fill in the fields on the right, choose an E-gift to upload from your computer and choose a category. Make sure you set up payment gateways if you are setting up a price or that you have set up the Points if you are allowing users to purchase with points. Click Add Egift when done.

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Managing E-Gifts

When in the Add Egifts section from above, scroll down to the already added Egifts and scroll the mouse over the image. You will see Delete - icon and Edit pencil and paper icons.

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  • In Manage Egift, choose the category you'd like to manage.
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  • Select the setting icon to edit or delete the specific e-gift
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