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1Add a confirm popup when users delete an item.
2Show user storage info in user profile info page. 

Some minor improvements in Admincp:

  • Show statistic information with Manage Cancelled Members
  • Have successful message after admin rebuild bootstrap core.
  • Add new setting group SSL.
  • Use email address of administrator as a default value for setting Staff Emails.
  • Add more detail description for settings and user group settings.
  • Add button Add State/Province to Manage State/Provinces page.
  • In Manage Apps page: support action to export apps.
4Support translation for Subscription Packages.

Support some options when the admin deletes an item category:

  • Move all belonged sub-categories and items to another.
  • Delete all belonged sub-categories and items.
6Apply new rule: hide all action buttons if users do not have permission to do.
7Support check-in when user sharing photos in feed
8Update layout and structure of Admincp
9Should use Load More button instead of scrolling down to load more items on mobile (apply for home feed and all core apps listing pages)
10Apply track setting Unique viewers counter for all core apps.
11Add new feed when users update their cover photo.
12Add compare section on Memberships page.
13Send notification to users in case their comments have been denied.
14Increate user thumbnail photo quality to support on hight screen resolutions.
15Allow using Ctrl+Enter to have a new line for comments and auto expand the comment box in case long content.
16Support admin can view and change their site license information.
17Support enable/disable the main menu in Admincp.
18Support view statistic information of each user in Admincp.
19Add option File System when removing unused files in Admincp.
20Some improvements in sponsorship process.
21Update new API for Clickatell SMS Service.
22Seperate Topic and Hashtag. From version 4.6.0, admin can decide to use one or both of them for their sites.
23Keep the old feeds of changing profile photos instead of keeping the newest one only.
24Bring back setting Multi-step Registration Form
25Delete all shared feeds when deleting parent feed
26Support users can edit their profile photo in user profile page.
27Rebuild Bootstrap core automatically after upgrading site.
28Support admin can select main menu or footer menu when adding static pages.
29Support check modified files for 3rd party apps.

Removed Features



1Legacy Inbox in Manage Messages pageThis feature isn't useful anymore.
2Allow admin can decide to remove app's database when uninstalling an app.This feature can lead to many issues in case admin reinstall the apps.
3Block's toggle button on mobileReplacing it with a nice way to shorten block content on a device.
4ACE Editor in add/edit Custom Page page.Since version 4.6.0, we will support CKEditor and remove ACE editor in adding/editing Custom page.