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Installation page can't load css/js

At the installation/upgrade page, you see the page like this, and you can't click Continue button.

Because phpFox 4.6.1 does not support Cloudflare (or similar cache service) well. Please disable cache service that you are using then try again.

Or you can remove these lines:



File PF.Base/install/index.php from line 18 to 20

Blank page after upgrade

After you upgrade your site, you click to on "View Site" and it only shows a blank page. Because you are using a cloned theme from material, our script does not work well in this case.

You can fix this problem by copy and replace file PF.Site/flavors/material/start.php to PF.Site/flavors/[your_cloned_theme]/start.php

Lost lanugage phrases after upgrading

In case you have lost all translated phrases on your site after the upgrade process, please help us to remove the language packages and install/import them again.


If you can't resolve by yourself, we can help you via ticket system.




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